729 Vending Boozelator Breathalyzer Vending Machine
Boozelator saves lives 
and pays  you!

The 729 Vending Breathalyzer vending machine serves as one of the strongest preventions of drunk drivers from your location.  It will act as a source of entertainment and reason for your guests.  

These machines can display the B.A.C. (Blood Alcohol Content) of every user to within +/-.005%.  The purpose is to show the user they are at or over the legal limit to drive.  

How does the Boozelator work?

Do you want to advertise in bars?

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“Bars all over the country...have installed Breathalyzer vending machines as a way of informing customers of their driving capabilities.”  
    -WTOP, the most listened to station in DC area
“On an average Friday or Saturday night a lot of people use it.”
Tony Marzella, Harp and Fiddle server
 “This type of machine in a bar allows people to be more responsible”
Micheall Myrie, Bar guest
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